Wearable Memories Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How much does a standard Wearable Memory T-Shirt cost?

A: With shipping and handling included, usually less than $20 CDN. ($20 CDN = $20 US)

Q: Are other colors available besides white?

A: Short Answer is no...but if you have a special request we will do our best.

Q: Is there a guarantee?

A: We have a 100% moneyback guarantee on standard orders.

Q: I am a photographer; can I get a special deal?

A: Yes, Please see our Affiliate Program.

Q: What about taxes?

A: Our quote will reflect any applicable taxes based on the destination address.

Q: What about Volume Discounts?

A: Sure.....Contact Us.

Q: How do I get pictures to you?

A: See the Order Request. We accept pictures up to 10 Mb in size, one at a time.

Important: We need to know WHAT PICTURE and PLACEMENT for EACH PRESS. See Order Request.