Joint Venture Partner Information


Dear Potential JV Partner,

Thank you for reviewing this information.

I have enjoyed doing "Picture on T-Shirt" as a hobby and since starting in 2012, I have only done about 40 jobs as it never was an actual business focus. Over the last year I made a number of inquiries that could in fact make it a sustainable business venture; the problem is that my core enterprise needs more attention than ever. This puts me in a spot requiring a the business decision to either: sell, put under management, or get a working JV partner.

I have attached my ASSET LIST in the event I simply do an asset sale. This is not my preferred choice but if I can get a deal from the purchaser; I would consider it.

There are a number of innovations such as custom wooden nickels for promotional purposes that have interesting potential and my T-Shirt Canons that can launch a standard T-Shirt about 200 feet.

You may have some ideas to contribute as a JV partner and I would be very interested in discussing some of the revenue generating ideas that you (and I) have.

Thank you for reviewing and I look forward to discussing opportunities.

Jim Ripley

250 863-8372