Welcome to Wearable Memories.ca

A unique promotional tool for your business! Please read on.

Dear Photography, Tourist, and Clothing Businesses,

We have a new service utilizing old technology...Pictures on T-Shirts. The difference is we want our service to be a promotional tool for your benefit AND be economical enough so your customers will find it affordable and use the service.

To launch this venture we are offering you ONE FREE WEARABLE MEMORIES T-SHIRT to demonstrate a shirt at your business.

To receive your FREE DEMO WEARABLE MEMORIES T-SHIRT follow these simple steps.

Step One: Complete the Affiliate Application.

Step Two: Go to the website WearableMemories.ca and spend a few minutes reviewing.

Step Three: Wait three days (so we can act on your helpful suggestions) .

Step Four: Fill out an Order Request .

Step Five: Wait five days to receive your FREE WEARABLE MEMORIES T-SHIRT. Feed back on the whole process will be further appreciated.

Jim Ripley